I make adventures and other content for D&D, 13th age, as well as standalone indie games and content for other indie game systems. I also make maps and other resources for GMs and for TTRPG writers; in particular, whenever I create a stat block for a monster, I post it online and make it free to use.

This website started as a personal blog about worldbuilding, and I still continue to write blog posts. In particular, I'm working on a custom setting, for which I've written one adventure (In The Land of the Dead God) and for which I intend to continue publishing content. I still plan to post a lot material about it on this website for free, though.

Published Content - Games

All of this started with the Summer 2020 RPG Writer's Workshop, a resource I greatly recommend.

Cover of the adventure 'Murky Bog' Adventure -1-shot - Mork Borg - Itchfunding
Cover of the adventure 'In The Land of the Dead God' Adventure - 5e/13th age - 1-shot - Létatujé setting
Cover of the adventure 'A Gathering Storm', which also says 'An Adventure for Players of Level 3-5'Adventure - 5e/13th age - 1-shot
Cover of the adventure 'Overdue' Adventure - system-agnostic - 1-shot - no combat
Cover of the adventure 'A Spinner's Tale' Adventure (?) and/or essay on cloth-making - two players - high realism - free
Cover of the adventure 'A Spinner's Tale' Community writing project - custom system - one player at a time

Published Content - Maps

All maps allow for limited commercial reuse - you may use them in an adventure or similar product, but may not simply repackage and resell them unchanged.

Cover of the Rain Check Map Pack
Cover of the A Quiet Town Map Pack
Cover of the Market Day map pack
Cover of Don't Get Bogged Down
Cover of 9 wasteland maps

Last updated May 2021