Adults on Bikes (or something)

I've been planning a probably PbtA-esque project in the future. Here's a slightly edited brainstorming dump. This is probably at least a year out on actually working on it. At some point I'll probably try and set up a wiki for this + my other worldbuilding projects and poke away at it.

Basic pitch is near-future bike-themed solarpunk drawing on my own experience with bike activism.

It'll also try and draw on a lot of the fun people get of modern fantasy character building, but like with bikes. Customize your bike. Decorate it. Design stickers for it. Maybe there will be a complicated inventory managment system, because my experience with bikes involves a lot of complicated inventory management. There will be different types of bikes with different pros and cons. Speed, endurance (your endurance), cost and maintenance and what external systems you're dependent on. Drawings of bikes you can modify and draw on and make your own.

Bikes can get damaged, bikes can even get destroyed, but characters can't die or get permanently injured, in a direct and deliberate rejection of realism. Otherwise drawing on real-world bicycle activism and tactics.

I'm not actually the biggest fan of playbooks per se, but I'm thinking of copy and pastable pick-lists. Assemble your character by literally printing out some sheets, cutting them out and gluing them together (or use computers).

Some setting ideas.

Neither quite utopian or dystopian: a world on the tipping point. Also a world that maybe says something about our own - definitely inspired by real things that are happening, just on a bigger scale. 20 years into the future. Some of the worldbuilding will be as much for myself to imagine where we could go in the future.

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Written May 30 2022