Games I've played


D&D 3.5 (player) Had some of my earliest experiences here and by and large did not enjoy it, but mostly for cultural reasons. Community was very optimization focused and I was more interested in the story aspect and also playing a half orc like the ones in OOTS and not like how they were described in the book.

D&D 4E (player, DM)
Played in and ran several campaigns, going up to close to level 20. Enjoyed being able to both play with optimizing types and play the types of characters I liked, also enjoyed the tactical combat.

13th age (GM mostly, played once)
Very similar to 4E. I prefer 4E's greater complexity, but this supports a wider range of play styles.

D&D 5E (player, DM)
Not my favourite, but I don't mind playing it, and it's the easiest to schedule especially if I don't want to always DM.

Werewolf the Forsaken (player and DM, PBP)
Game kept dying but it seemed fun

Paranoia (player, once)
Was lots of fun to really get in character and play non-optimally

Heart (GM, PbP)
Game died due to PbP but I enjoyed it and would love to play the system more. I did play Corvid Court in real time, though it's not exactly the same system.

Quest (player, PbP)
Wasn't sold on the system but would try it again in a different format.

Honey Heist (GM)
One shot, profoundly silly, everyone seemed to love it.

The Sprawl (Player)
Had fun, I felt the system did not quite match the style of game though. Like had fun because of the people, not the game.

Mouse Guard (Player)
Very cute game. Really like the level up approach. Not convinced by the combat system.

Fiasco (Player, played once)
Had fun, but not sure it would be my first choice to play again.

Follow (Player, played once)
I remember very little about the system but I do remember quite enjoying the game that resulted.

Apocalypse World (Player)
My favourite PbtA I've played. First time I really played a game with PvP that worked and was fun. Also first game I played two characters. This is where I started understanding this style of play.

Masks (Player)
Wish the game aged up the players a bit. Superhero game + kids means it tends to hit a bit too close to home. Enjoyed it because of who I was playing with.

Blades in the Dark (Player)
Really enjoying this one. Love having different characters that you swap out as well. REally great setting, great system. We played as a cult which is a great way to play.0

Mork Borg (GM)
A lot of fun until I hit a point I hadn't prepped for and had a bit of trouble improvising. But definitely sold me on the concept of OSR. Now that I know about Ex Libris I won't run out of content. Not sure I want to play a full campaign.

Troika (GM)
Great lightweight system. Love the weirdness of the implied setting. So did the players. I like it for one-shots, but it's a bit out of my improv comfort zone.

The Corvid Court (GM)
Just realized I could basically put the same description as Troika even though they are completely different games in every way. Did a fair bit of prep on the setting and I'm glad I did. Might write it up at some point.

Thousand Year Vampire
Sold me on solo games.

A Mending
I liked it but also I need to finish it.

I generally liked it, but personally would prefer something a bit less PbtA inspired. Definitely shaped a lot how I'm thinking about solo-friendly gaming.

The Royal cartographer
Playtested solo

Played solo. Liked it a lot more than I expected!

Played solo

Played solo a bit. Had a party I ran myself. As of 2023, have played in some one-shots, ran some one-shots, and am playing in a PBP.

Played solo, see here for an actual play.

It's Lunkctime!
A solo game, played solo.

Mausritter (player, gm)
At EFCon 2022. A Christmas-themed one. Also started a campaign with friends but then life got in the way.

Liminal (player)
At EFCon 2022. The Bureau.

Karst (player)
At EFCon 2022. A yet unpublished adventure, "Quill Island" or something.

Played solo

Played solo, summary to come soon.

The Fall of Magic
Played at Big Bad Con 2022. Had to leave early to catch BART back home. GM-less but facilitated.

The Price of Coal
Played at Big Bad Con 2022. GM-less but facilitated. Sold me on GM-less dice-less story games.

For the Queen
Played at Big Bad Con 2022. GM-less.

A Visit to San Sibila
Played solo

A Collection of Improving Exercises
Solo. Still in progress.

Played as an intermission in the Blades in the Dark campaign Sept. 2023

Pathfinder 2E
Played at Big Bad Con 2023, an introductory adventure, don't remember what it was called.

Ten Candles
Played at Big Bad Con 2023

An Altogether Different River
Played at Big Bad Con 2023

Brindlewood Bay
Played at Big Bad Con 2023. Adventure: Dad Overboard.

Interns in the Dark
Played at Big Bad Con 2023. A game being playtested, basically a hack of Blades in the Dark.

A Guide to Depression-Era Soap Carving Competition
Played at Big Bad Con 2023. A playtest.

Updated July 16 2022

Written August 7 2021